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Cigars & Hip Hop Podcast

A show about Hip Hop with commentary of early 80s, 90s and current Hip Hop scene, the music, the lyrics, the hussle and drama from the perspective of 3 guys who love the genre, the scene and the culture. During discussions, you'll also be able to hear some cigar tips, opinion and drink suggestions. Be ready to hear deep discussions about the game, and about lyrics like this one "You're mad 'cause my style you're admiring Don't be mad, UPS is hiring" - Notorious B.I.G.

Feb 8, 2018

Souls of Mischief - their marketing and relevance today. Quick story about the wake up show on CD, Linkin Park and what Hip Hop used to be. 1986 and the story about the 2 Live Crew cassette tape that a Chris’ dad destroyed. Also Too Short, and how he made his Hip Hop local and about the streets, including MC Hammer, Redman, the Luniz and other rappers who used Hip Hop to connect with their listeners. Off or near topic regarding immigration in the US and the hustle.