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Cigars & Hip Hop Podcast

A show about Hip Hop with commentary of early 80s, 90s and current Hip Hop scene, the music, the lyrics, the hussle and drama from the perspective of 3 guys who love the genre, the scene and the culture. During discussions, you'll also be able to hear some cigar tips, opinion and drink suggestions. Be ready to hear deep discussions about the game, and about lyrics like this one "You're mad 'cause my style you're admiring Don't be mad, UPS is hiring" - Notorious B.I.G.

Feb 18, 2019

On this early 2019 episode of Cigars and Hip Hop, we get into some Souja Boy and his ranting he recently did on the Breakfast Club. Should rappers today thank him for who they are cause he created them or their style?

Weed, yeah, some of us is smoking some.

Hip Hop where is hip hop today and how will it survive?

Takashi what's up with that kid? What's up with R Kelly

Mike Tyson and Tupac also went through similar issues but is it a case of success, bad persons behaving horribly bad or what's going on there?